• How to Migrate Data to QuickBooks Online?

    You might be switching your business from product-based to service-based or you want to handle your accounts regardless of location and devices. Your choice is really appreciable. You definitely did a research work before making your mind to export QuickBooks Desktop data to QuickBooks Online. I will assist you with the rest of the work to successfully export your data from QBD to QBO.

    Things you should know before you start.

    • Your total files target must be less than 350,000. You can check it by pressing F2 on your QB Desktop
    • Update your QB Desktop to its latest version from Help and click on Update QuickBooks.
    • Sort up your vendor, customer and client data lists. Clean up the names which are no longer needed.
    • Avoid migrating before reconciliation. Migration after the reconciling would be a better option.
    • You must be logged in with the Administrator account in both your QuickBooks versions.

    Steps to export your data from QB Desktop to QB Online

    • Take a backup of all your QB Desktop data. Now use the copy of backed up data, this will let your original data files untouched. To take backup go to:

    File>Backup>Companey>Create local backup.

    • Now create a QB Online account. Fill all the required fields asked to be filled.

    It will ask you to add your previous company details, enter the required details there.

    Then Log out from QB Online.


    1. You can import data to QB online within 60 days of subscription.
    2. If your subscription is older than 60 days then QB ProAdvisor will assist you with converting the files within 180 days of QBO subscription. Or, begin with a new QB Online subscription with a different email ID.
    • Open and login in your QB Desktop. Export your QB Desktop data.

    Click on Company Menu and select Export files to QuickBooks Online.

    Make sure you have QBD updated to the latest version as the older version will not allow you to export files.

    • Log in to your QB Online account.

    Enter all the required fields.

    • It will ask you to bring over your inventory, in QB Desktop inventory is managed by the Average Cost method and also with FIFO (First-In, First-Out) method but in QB Online its managed only by FIFO (First-In, First-Out) method. That will change your inventory method if you were using the Average Cost method. If you have no idea regarding this always consult your accountant before taking action as it can affect your tax returns.
    • In this step select your QB Online company from the drop-down option in the next window after selecting your inventory choice. If you forgot to create a QB Online account you can create it from the options provided down there.
    • You followed step 6, now you have to copy the data file. This may take 24+ hours depending on your internet speed and data size.
    • When your data finished copying you will see the window just like below

    Click on OK, got it.

    Click on Complete your Setup

    Congratulations! You are all done.

  • How to Fix Microsoft compatibility Telemetry Hard disk Usage?

    Microsoft compatibility telemetry is the service provided to monetize Windows10 data. From these windows, develop team will get the data from the user. this helps the development team to fix the bugs in windows.

    Microsoft claims that we collect the data from the user only for the development purposes but some people think that Microsoft is spying on us, for those kinds of people, don’t worry here is an to help you through which you can hide your data without giving it to Microsoft.

    Why Microsoft introduced this in Windows 10.

    • The information Microsoft Compatibility measurement collects is employed for up your system security.
    • To upgrade the performance and safe guard from virus attacks
    • To feel user comfortable and handy when user is using the product.

    Even though this is helpful to users to get monetized from professional web data team but some people do not like that ,then we can disable it from our computer any where..

    Steps to be followed to fix Microsoft compatibility:

    There are a number of ways to do that here are the two ways

    First method: (using command prompt)

    • Step 1: go to start and search for Run
    • Step 2: once the run dialogue box pops up
    • Step 3: type cmd in the empty white box
    • Step 4: now open the command prompt as an administrator
    • Step 5: copy the given text below and past it in the command prompt

    sc delete Diagtrack sc delete dmwappushservice echo “” >

    C:\\ProgramData\\Microsoft\\Diagnosis\\ETLLogs\\AutoLogger\\AutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl reg add

    “HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Policies\\Microsoft\\Windows\\DataCollection” /v AllowTelemetry /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

    • step 6: now restart the windows, you are done now no one can see the data in your computer

    Second method:

    By using this method, you simply disable compattelrunner.exe. This file is feasible that runs the Windows Compatibility measurement if you disable it you will have extra disc space and privacy

    To do this the following steps have to be followed:

    • Step 1: go to start and search for run
    • Step 2: Type taskschd.msc and then press ok
    • Step 3: it will pop up a task scheduler window.
    • Step 4: you will find the library and click on it to expand
    • Step 5: now we are able to look at a folder called Microsoft, expand it
    • Step 6: now you will find windows folder click on it to expand
    • Step 7: find Application Experience folder and hit on it.it opens a new window and we allowed to See some tasks


    • Step 8: find the task as Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser.
    • Step 9: give a right click on it and disable
    • Step 10: now restart the computer from now no one can spy on you

    To sum up:

    Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is a self-working program. This team of Microsoft collects data which helps in bug fixing and upgrade windows.

    We can easily disable it from our computer when ever we need and and can have privacy and storage saved.