About us

Hi, my name is Dino Dogan and I am Dogan Dogs Video Blogs (it rhymes if you say it with a British accent 🙂

Top 4 reasons why I decided to start this blog

  1. The ideas presented here have been roaming around my head for years and to make sense of it all (and preserve my sanity in the process 🙂 I decided to turn it into a thesis
  2. In order to test these ideas and sharpen the various points, I need your help
  3. There is no one out there presenting information on Human-Dog Equation in quite the same way (or even close to it).
  4. The dog problem we have in developed countries (I’m in USA) is not only unfortunate (more dogs each year wind up in shelters and euthanized) but it’s also emblematic of a larger problem, which is exactly what I attempt to address in Human-Dog Problem Tree.

Seven years of my professional career (Network Engineering) was spent in corporate training which I’ve used as a real-life lab to test many learning theories, delivery methods, teaching principals and knowledge-transfer peculiarities. These findings were later used when developing a critical look at the way adults learn, seek and receive information, communicate (both internally and externally) and apply learned info, specifically as it pertains to Human-Dog Relationship.

My personal interests were just as important in developing the Human-Dog Problem Tree.
My background is in music (I’m a singer/songwriter) and fitness (specifically as it pertains to Martial Arts), I’m a biker (find me on http://2wheeltips.com) and perhaps most importantly, I’m a life-long student.

While the information used to develop the Human-Dog Problem Tree was culled from many disciplines, few deserve a special mention.

Dog training is the obvious one but it didn’t stop there. You will find traces of evolutionary biology, social neuroscience, psychology and philosophy, Buddhism, economy, fitness and nutrition.
I’ve pulled some information from all these disciplines to develop what I believe is a comprehensive look at all points affecting our relationship with dogs and in turn (my argument will be) everything and everyone around us.

Since I’m delivering this information via this blog and promoting via Social Media, I’ve had to become a student of this new media jungle. I share my knowledge in that regard in these pages.